New Years Resolutions- Revisited!

Has your New Year’s resolve to adopt healthier eating habits already started to crumble? Part of the problem may be that you set yourself up for failure by deciding on some huge resolutions that you want to accomplish in a really short amount of time. A better approach is to start off with something simple, like increasing your daily water intake in a given week or vowing to stick to just one dessert at a family dinner. As you conquer each smaller goal, you’ll soon find yourself moving in the right direction more times than not!

It’s also important to be realistic with yourself and to keep variety in your diet. For instance, rather than eating the same lunch for a whole month, which will be hard to maintain, try incorporating different fruits or vegetables to avoid getting in a food rut.

Other common situations that can undermine a desire to eat healthier include feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of changing food habits, using food as stress relief, or needing to soothe a sweet tooth. Getting into the right frame of mind to eat better often starts by changing thinking patterns before you can modify your behavior.

Remember, too, that our minds are trained to adopt an “all or nothing” approach, and perhaps nowhere more true than with diet and exercise. So, instead of getting discouraged if you missed a gym session or overate at one meal, start making a list of your successes — however seemingly small — to help build your confidence. Realize that one snack, meal or even a whole day of unhealthy eating isn’t going to make or break your overall healthy eating goal – just as long as you remember to return to the routine.

What New Years resolutions have you successfully been able to reach? What worked for you?

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