Calorie Free Can Be Deceiving!

I recently had a client ask me “can foods that state they are calorie-free could actually cause you to gain weight?

And the shocking answer is YES! In certain cases they can!

In order for a food to claim it is “calorie free” on the label, it must have less than 5 calories per serving. That is a very low number of calories, however, if you consume too much of these foods it can prevent you from losing weight. “Calorie-free” foods such as cooking sprays and butter sprays often have a very small serving size, such as 1 spray. That means that if you use these products in excess, the calories can really add up. Take for instance a butter spray. There are about 300 sprays in a can. Now if you use this spray excessively and go through one can a week that can be up to 1200 extra calories you are taking in! In three weeks, that equals one pound! You can still use and enjoy these products, but just like when adding any oil or butter to food, use them sparingly. Be cautious about food label claims and read the labels carefully!

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2 thoughts on “Calorie Free Can Be Deceiving!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I have researched much as I am not convinced that weight loss surgery is my option, and I am glad that I found something that saved me from the surgical knife cost and complications as well as irreversible damage. Roca Labs gastric bypass no surgery has helped me loss 43 lbs and still counting… I am glad that I am winning back a healthy weight. I am sharing this to let others know that there is an alternative to surgery and a healthy approach to weight problem.

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