Always Hungry?

 Are you always hungry? Do you have a hard time controlling your portions or pulling yourself away from the snack cabinet?

Well good news! You can get your hunger under control- which in turn helps promote weight loss!

Your appetite is regulated by chemicals within your body that send signals to your brain. As food enters your stomach, a hormone is released that signals your brain to let it know your stomach is full. Once this occurs, your appetite then gradually decreases. This process takes about 20 minutes, so if you eat too fast, your brain may not know you are full until you have overeaten. Focusing on eating meals slowly will give your body the time it needs to feel satisfied and therefore, lead to a decrease in appetite after a meal.

Exercise is also a great way to decrease your appetite. Research has shown that your appetite is actually lowered for several hours after activity. Planning to exercise an hour or two before a large meal may help to curb your appetite and consume less food.

Here are a few more tips to help control your appetite:

–          Eat on schedule. Don’t allow yourself to go too long without a meal or snack. If you let your body get too hungry, you will most likely end up overeating. Eating regularly throughout the day also helps to keep your metabolism increased to help burn calories and maintain your weight.

–          Drink plenty of water! Drinking 8 glasses of water everyday not only helps your body function correctly, but also helps keep your stomach feeling “full.”

–          Include some healthy fats everyday. Fat is digested in our stomachs slower than other nutrients, such as carbohydrates. This means that it will stay in the stomach for a longer period of time, leading to a lasting sensation of fullness and a decreased appetite.

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4 thoughts on “Always Hungry?

  1. I agree with your advice on portions control, but I must say that what really matters is mind set. If you find the right balance between what you feel inside, and what is right for you to do to stay in Good Health , eventually will benefit the most from.

    Keep up the good work . Nice post

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