Don’t Let the Scale Scare You this Halloween!

Candy is full of empty calories that can pack on the pounds, but don’t let the scale scare you this Halloween!
Here are my top 4 ways of getting through the holiday without going up a costume size.

First, don’t buy your favorite candy and don’t buy candy more than a day before Halloween. If your favorite candy is laying around the house for weeks before trick-or-treaters come knocking of course your going to be tempted to eat it. So instead, pick up candy that doesn’t appeal to you and just stock up the day before or the day of.

Don’t let the candy of Halloween past haunt you either. Only buy enough candy for the amount of Trick-or-Treaters you usually get. If you overbuy, you will have that candy tempting you long after Halloween is over.

Keep in mind, small portions aren’t always better when it comes to candy. Mini sized servings of your favorite candy bar can really add up. Sure they look cute and harmless and their tiny size lets you grab one or two without even thinking. But when you add it up, having a few minis throughout the day is the same as eating a full sized candy bar. If you want candy, set a limit for yourself, such as 2 mini candies per day, and stick with it.



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