Happy (and Healthy!) Thanksgiving Tips!

Sure it’s the season to overindulge, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to pack on the pounds! Here are some easy tips to have you enjoying Thanksgiving while avoiding that dreaded holiday weight gain! Remember- it’s all about balance!



Cut Calories by Using Low Fat Cooking Techniques:

  • Don’t stuff the turkey with the stuffing, as it absorbs much of the fat. Bake it in a covered casserole instead.
  • Use small amounts of butter and oil; substitute with chicken or turkey broth for additional moisture.
  • Sprinkle hot vegetables with dill for flavor instead of butter.
  • Roast the turkey on a rack so the fat drips away from the bird.


Choose Wisely:

  • Begin the meal with a salad. You’ll eat less during dinner.
  • Use the 1-10 rating system during Thanksgiving dinner. Rate each food that is passed on a 1-10 scale – 1, not appealing – 10, WOW, my favorite! Eat only 9’s and 10’s. Pass up the rest!
  • Don’t skip meals before the big meal that day. You’ll be too hungry and may overeat.


Don’t Let Dessert Be a Dilemma:

  • If more than one choice of pie is offered after the meal, choose ONE, not a bit of each.
  • Eat the filling of the pie and just a bit or none of the high fat crust. Use light or fat free whipped topping.
  • If visiting friends or relatives, bring a low-fat, low-calorie dessert that you would enjoy.


Walk Off That Turkey:

  • Include some form of exercise throughout the day
  • Take a walk with friends and family after dinner.
  •  Get everyone involved in the activity to make it fun and memorable.

Wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy!


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