Finding time for exercise- (and yourself!)

What is your greatest barrier to getting daily exercise? If you said ‘no time’, you are not alone. Lack of time is one of the most common reasons given when people are asked if they regularly engage in exercise. Family commitments, work commitments, friend commitments, school commitments- the list goes on and on. But is there any greater commitment you can make than the one to your health? Pencil daily exercise into that busy schedule and consider it one of your more important appointments.

Tips to fit in fitness

• Put it on the calendar! Schedule daily exercise like you would any other appointment. Blocking out a specific time will prompt you to plan other appointments around your exercise time and prevents having to fit it in after the day is already filled up.
• Combine exercise and social hour! It you are meeting with a friend to grab lunch, how about suggesting doing something active instead? Go for a walk, sweat though a spin class, or try indoor rock climbing! Socializing while also getting that heart right up will leave you both feeling energized.
• Rise and shine! Exercise in the morning before your day even has a chance to get too busy. Leaving exercise to the end of the day opens up ample opportunity for unplanned circumstances to get in the way. Lay your workout clothes out the night before, set the coffee pot timer, and off you go!
• Plan it out! If you are heading to the gym for a work out, write down the exercise routine you plan on completing. Do not waste time deciding what machine you want to use next or how many reps you are going to do. When you have a set plan, your work outs become more effective AND more efficient.
• Ramp up the intensity! If you only have a short amount of time to allot to exercise, focus on making every move count. HIIT (high intensity interval training) has proven to be effective for fat burning and these work outs can be completed in 20 minutes or less! Incorporate intervals of sprints, add resistance to your routine, or jump around with plyometric exercises to really get the blood pumping! 7 high intensity work outs that take 20 minutes or less:

Remember that exercise does not have to be structured and it certainly does not have to be boring! Increases to your activity throughout the day- i.e. taking the stairs whenever possible, walking around the office at the top of every hour, bringing hand weights to work to do between appointments, or choosing the parking spot that is farthest away- all add up! Get creative and find ways to fit it in! Life is busy, but we must remember to prioritize our health. After all, ‘Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise, must sooner or later find time for illness’. –Edward Stanley

How do you find time to exercise? Share your ideas!

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